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A place-based initiative organization

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Honoring an historic community

Our nonprofit organization is proud to honor the rich history of the Grier Heights neighborhood. We celebrate the achievements, culture, and legacy of this incredible community. Learn about the community and efforts to keep its story alive and inspire the next generation.


Addressing a wide range of quality-of-life outcomes and risks

CrossRoads uses the five social determinants of health as the lens and frame through which we approach our work. We know that in order to accomplish our mission and for the community to experience the vision, we have to provide support and experiences that address the full human condition.


Addressing broad community needs

CrossRoads, a place-based initiative exclusively serving the Grier Heights community, is designed to meet the needs of people in a given location. We partner together with other nonprofit organizations to use the best available resources to create a network of support. We work to understand the issues, interconnections and relationships in the community and coordinate action and investment to improve the quality of life alongside our neighbors Grier Heights.

Suburban Street

Social Determinants of Health

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